• Quayside Container Crane

    Quayside Container Crane

    The tire-type mobile loader is a new type of dock loading device. The entire loading system is installed on a walking platform that can move freely at any position on the dock. The mobile walking mechanism adopts the form of tires. It is suitable for loading various bulky and granular loose materials. It consists of walking mechanism, belt conveyor system, boom tilt mechanism, discharge barrel system, hydraulic control system, cab, switch system (mobile generator or cable reel), etc. Tech...

  • Wheel Type Container Gantry Crane

    Wheel Type Container Gantry Crane

    1. Adopt PLC AC frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation and controllable soft start. The starting performance is good, the operation is stable, and the zero-speed braking of each mechanism can be achieved. 2. The main circuit has no short-circuit control, monitors and protects the system, and displays fault alarms. 3. Set the current conversion interface, and exchange AC power during operation. Save oil resources, reduce operating costs, reduce noise and vibration, and reduce...

  • Casting Crane

    Casting Crane

    Technical Parameters of Casting Crane Lifting capacity (t) Span (m) Lifting height (m) Working class Main lifting speed (m/min) Aux. lifting speed Crab travelling speed Trolley travelling speed Total power (kw) Recommended track (m/min) (m/min) (m/min) 5 10.5~16.5 16 A7 12.9 - 39.5 93.7 24.5 43kg/m 19.5~31.5 95.2 27.1 10 10.5~22.5 20 13 - 35.2 95.2 40.1 25.5〜31.5 88.3 45.5 16/3.2 10.5~16.5 ...

  • Type A Double Girder Gantry Crane

    Type A Double Girder Gantry Crane

    The double-beam gantry crane is mainly composed of a gantry, a lifting trolley, a truck operating mechanism, a driver’s cab and an electrical control system. The portal frame is divided into a box structure and a truss structure. The main beam adopts a double beam off-track form, and the legs are divided into A-shaped and U-shaped according to user requirements. The operation mode is a closed cab, with adjustable seats inside, built-in alignment insulation pads, tempered glass for the w...

  • Type U Double Girder Gantry Crane

    Type U Double Girder Gantry Crane

    U-shaped gantry crane is suitable for general loading and unloading and lifting and transportation operations along open-air warehouses or railway lines. Equipped with special spreader for container operation. The crane is composed of bridges, truck operating mechanisms, trolleys, and electrical equipment. The bridge frame adopts box-shaped welding structure, and the operating mechanism of the cart is driven separately. Crane operation includes ground operation, remote control operation and c...

  • Shield Gantry Crane

    Shield Gantry Crane

    440+440t Shield Gantry Crane Manufactured for China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. 

  • Electromagnetic Chuck Hook Bridge Crane

    Electromagnetic Chuck Hook Bridge Crane

    The utility model relates to the technical field of electromagnetic lifting devices, in particular to a hook for preventing the lifting electromagnet from falling. Background technique: The device that uses electromagnets to transport steel materials is called an electromagnetic crane. The main part of the electromagnetic crane is the electromagnet. When the current is turned on, the electromagnet will firmly hold the steel object and lift it to the designated place. The current is cut off, t...

  • Type LH Bridge Crane with Electric Hoist

    Type LH Bridge Crane with Electric Hoist

    Rated lifting capacity QSWL Gn t 32/10 Operational method m/min Ground controlling; control room Speed Main hook lifting 3(0.3/3) Aux. hook lifting 7(7/0.7) crab travelling Crab travelling 20 Trolley travelling Ground 20; 30 Control room 30; 40 Motor Main hook lifting Model /kw ZDX62-6/18.5, (ZDS2.2/18.5) Aux. hook lifting ZD151-4/13(ZDSl-1.5/13) Crab travelling ZDY123-4/2.2×2 Trolley travelling Ground ZDY123-4/2.2×2 ZDY131-4/3×2 Control room ZDR1...

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  • How to use rigging correctly?

    China’s rigging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and rigging is widely used in various fields and is an indispensable important component in industrial production. Here is a summary of some experience in using rigging and share it with everyone. Generally speaking, rigging is...

  • What inspections are required before using the jib crane?

    It is also called a jib crane is a very important mechanical equipment. In order to ensure the safety and stability of working efficiency during use, it is necessary to carry out relevant test operations on the jib crane before use. It can be put into use only after passing the trial operation an...

  • Weibang group and Anyang Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. sign a strategic cooperation agreement.

    Weihua group and Anyang Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Anyang group”) held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in the exhibition center of Anyang group on March 1, 2019. Longhongxin, vice chairman of Weihua group, and Guo Xianzhen, deputy general mana...